5 Signs You Have A Bored Cat

5 Signs That You Have A Bored Cat

Do you ever feel like your cat is bored? It's not always easy to tell, but there are a few signs that your kitty may be feeling a little antsy. In this post, we'll discuss why you have a bored cat and how you can help keep her entertained.

bored cat


When a cat has been left alone for too long, she will start to eat more than usual in an attempt to entertain herself. The key is not to let your cat get bored- give your kitty some good exercise or playtime so that their mind stays focused on what's important!

over eating cat


Cats need to groom themselves at least once a day, but it may affect their grooming abilities if they are bored or anxious. Excess grooming will lead to licking and chewing that can cause skin irritation.

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The laziness of cats is actually a sign that they're feeling bored. A bored cat will like to sit on the couch all day long and don't want to do anything.

Destructive Behaviors

Cats are naturally destructive. They have been known to sharpen their claws on anything they can get a hold of, including furniture and curtain. Boredom is one way your cat might show signs that she is unhappy with life and destroy everything in sight.

destructing cats

Fighting With Other Pets

If you have a bored cat, you will see that she is always chasing other cats or animals in the house. A cat fighting with other cats means she needs stimulation.

Fighting cats

How To Treat A Bored Cat?

Cats are curious and intelligent, but they can be a bit more difficult when bored. They need mental stimulation to stay happy so if your cat is feeling bored or tired, give your cat some playtime or interactive toys.

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Cats are very intelligent pets, and they do get bored of the same routine, especially if it is all you give them. Try changing things up a little by providing different types of food or toys, so your cat doesn't feel like he has nothing to play with within his home environment. You could also try some new games that stimulate their brains while playing with them on a regular basis!


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