Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

Why does my Cat Bite Me?

Cats are not always easy to live with. They do what they want when they want, and sometimes that includes biting people. What is going on in their heads? Why would my cat bite me? It's time to find out!

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5 Reasons Why My Cat Bites Me

Kitten Biting

Kittens love to play and cuddle. They bite their owner's hands or feet when playing with it, but as kittens get older, this behavior lessens in frequency. One of the main reasons for kittens biting is their teething phase.

cat bites my hand

Biting During Playing

When cats are constantly indoors, the need for a healthy outlet is often realized in play sessions. Even adult cats will indulge and bite their owners when they get too bored.

Cats biting

Love Bites

Some cats show signs of affection by gentle nibbling and biting. This is often seen when the cat does not want to startle its owner but rather expresses how much she likes being close and feels safe with them at that moment.

cat cuddling

Biting During Petting

Cats are not like humans. They don't want to be touched or handled by strangers, and when you do it wrong, they will let out a meow of protest before biting down on your hand!

Cat biting strangers

Biting Due To Aggression

There are many different types of cat bites, but the most concerning is a true intentioned aggressive bite. Cat's mouth carries bacteria that can cause infection on the bite site. Aggressive biting occurs due to sudden fear or anxiousness.


Cats can be loving and affectionate, but they may also act aggressively for reasons you don't understand. Often cats bite during playing sessions, petting, or feel anxious or scared. So it is important to know the reason behind the issue and consult your vet if you don't understand why your cat bites you.


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