CutieCub™  Tricky Snake Toy
CutieCub™  Tricky Snake Toy
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  • Lade das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, CutieCub™  Tricky Snake Toy

CutieCub™ Tricky Snake Toy

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$ 29.97 USD
$ 29.97 USD
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CutieCub™ Tricky Snake Toy

✔️ Coolest Cat Toy Of 2022 (Patent Pending)
✔️ Great Stress Relief For Your Cat 
✔️ Changes Direction Hitting An Obstacle
✔️ Stays Still & Moves When You Touch It
✔️ Simple USB Charging, Forget Batteries
✔️ Get E-Book FREE & 30 Day Money Back
✔️ Have Doubts? Call Us At (302) 257-2589

You love your cat but don't have the time to play with her?
Feeling Guilty about your Cat
getting Overweight?
 Don't worry! 

Watch them have fun hunting the 
CuieCub™ Tricky Snake all day!
Paws-ome! Isn't it?

Stress Relief for Your Cat

Did you know that Bored Cats are prone to falling into depression & other stress related disorders? 

Saves You from Scratches

Absolute FUN Guaranteed with this TrickySnake Toy that your Cat does not scratch away your Furniture or other Family Members


Never worry about it running out of charge

It requires only a 40 minute USB charging every few hours. Makes it super simple to maintain unlike having to worry about batteries.

Almost Like a Real Snake

When encountering obstacles, the eyes will flash, automatically turns back & continue movement, the tongue can be stretched, the tail swings, and it will enter the dormant state after playing continuously for about a minute. Tap the snake head to enter the playing state again.


Get this E-book worth $9.97 absolutely FREE when you purchase the Tricky Snake TODAY!!

Only Available for the 1st 100 customers of the Day. Hurry Up!

What other Cat Parents Say?

"Coolest Toy I have got my Cat! Super Satisfied. The icing on the cake is that, at times, my kids also play with it. Totally Worth it."