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Safe & Well Ventilated Cat Carrier Back Pack for Your Furry Friend!

Cat Carrier Backpack

$ 99.97 $ 49.97
✔️ Lets Your Pets Smell & Feel the Sun 
✔️ Anxiety Free Outting for your Cat 
✔️ Ideal for Average Sized cats (Upto 12lbs)
✔️ Best Portable & Lightweight Cat Carrier
✔️ Well-Ventilated, Sturdy & Convenient
✔️ Support Hook to Secure Your Pet
✔️ Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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$ 99.97
Cat Carrier Backpack

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"Makes My Cat feel safe to see the world with the full visibility but gives her confidence she is safe fron an approaching curious dog" - Melinda, Cat Mom

Purr-Pect For Travel With Pets
If you have a cat or pet, then this is the perfect backpack for them! It allows them to travel anywhere with our furry friends and make sure they stay happy on long journeys.
Cat Feels Safe While Outside
The transparent window on the bag allows your pet to see what's going on around them while you're driving or traveling & ensuring safety
Well-Ventilated & Convenient
This mesh window also provides great ventilation ensuring your pet gets plenty of fresh air. The large tent bed is very useful when you and/or them feel tired, as they can have a nice nap in it!
Keeps Your Cat Secure And Safe
The latch hook and quality double zippers will keep your pet in tow, but you can also secure them with the leash attachment.
Comfortable & Easy To Clean
Not only does it provide comfortable "home" for them, but also enhances each other's emotions with its easy-to clean material!
 Portable & Lightweight Cat Carrier
Transporting your pet in style will be a breeze with this lightweight and super wear resistant backpack. It's made from high quality materials, so it'll last longer than other backpacks on the market! 

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What other Cat Parents Say?

I was very indecisive about this purchase. It looks so cute but I was worried how much my cat would actually enjoy it and how easy it would be to put her in each time we were ready to go out the door—especially with some of these other carriers I was looking at with lots of zippers and pockets. I was also worried about taking her in the plane with me/ airport. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this purchase!


Purr-Mom, LA
i searched for 4 hours for the best most affordable backpack i cant even believe people pay outrageous prices for these. this had to be almost identical to the ones people pay top dollar for! first of all the quality is amazing exactly as pictured. i am so happy with my order. i checked on it every single day like a crazy person because i was so excited and it came the first day it said it would possible come!


A Cat-Parent, Maine
I normally take my Bengal Zeus out in his harness and most of the time he rides on my shoulder or on the top of his pet stroller and when I saw this pet backpack I thought "what a purrfect idea" because every time we go anywhere people want to touch/pet Zeus and this way they can't, they can only see him.


Our cat loved this portable pack. Perfect for hikes, running errands, the vet, etc. very spacious even for a more grown or fatter cat. The straps are adjustable and there’s good enough room for personal storage. Mini water bowl was such a plus!!



Cat Carrier Backpack

$ 99.97 $ 49.97
✔️ Purrpect For Travel With Your Pets
✔️ Allows Cat To View Her Surroundings
✔️ Best Portable & Lightweight Cat Carrier
✔️ Well-Ventilated & Convenient
✔️ Provides Comfort & Easy To Clean
✔️ Allows 2-Little Cats Inside
✔️ Keeps Your Cat Secure And Safe
✔️ Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  
payment method
$ 99.97
Cat Carrier Backpack

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the Cat Accidentally Escape from this?
    When the cat is inside, there's an elastic strap under their pad that connects to a harness. This allows the pet to move around without being confined by it! However, the pet cannot escape the Bag.
  2. Does it fit under airline seats?
    Of course it is! The seat cushion has been tested and approved by Airlines.
  3. Is this suitable for a dog?
    The carrier weight is 2.7 lbs., which should be enough for most cats and small dogs! However if you have an older pet or one that weighs more than 12 pounds then we don't recommend.  
  4. I want to wear this on my chest instead of my back. Will it work that way without the straps irritating my neck?
    Of course it will work! You can carry the bag on your chest, and both shoulder straps are designed with a secure fit so that you don't have to worry about being uncomfortable while bearing this hefty load.
  5. How long does it take for Shipping?
    If you are in the USA, UK, AU, Canada or Germany, you will receive the Laser Pointer within 8-10 working days after placing your order.

    We provided Insured shipping with tracking.

    We also provide a premium 5 to 8 Shipping to specific Countries depending on stock availability.

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