Independent Spring Cat Toy

$ 39.97 $ 19.97
✔️2-In-1 Cat Toy - Engaged for Hours
✔️Cat tries to Hunt the Balls & The Mouse
✔️stimulates Your Cat's Hunting Insects
✔️The Spring Mount can move 360deg.
✔️Get Rid of Frustration & Boredom
✔️Your Cat will be happy to knock the Balls
✔️Zero Hassle- No Battery/Charging Needed
✔️Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔️Hit "Get it Now" | sale Ends Today
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$ 39.97
Independent Spring Cat Toy

 "Great Independed Cat Toy, No Need to worry about batteries or charging. The Balls stay inside. She is happy to Knock it around while playing with the mouse toy. Its been a Month. The Cat is Happy!" - Edwina, LA

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"Oh Mama, I wanna burn some fat hunting down the Mouse & the balls underneath"

This fun, interactive cat toy brings out your feline's natural agility!

No More Fat Cats around!
If you're cat is feeling bored, it will have an adverse effect on their physical and mental health. This toy ensures that your cat stays active & happy.
2 or More Cats Can Play Together
Two or more cats play this toy together, which will make the cat happier and enhance their bonding.
Develop a Bonding with your Cat
You can't go wrong with this cat toy! It helps to build a mental connection or trust between your Cat and yourself. You will know the minute she/he wants to play with this.
Perfectly Safe & Eco-Friendly
The Teaser Interactive Cat Toy are made of natural soft TPR material, safe and eco-friendly. The cute cat toys are perfect for biting, chewing, and playing. They are also a great way to keep your cats healthy and happy!
Best for Indoor or Outdoor 
This Teaser Interactive Cat Toy is perfect for indoor or outdoor play of your cats to keep them busy while you're working on something. 

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What other Cat Parents Say?

I sent this to my brother who recently adopted a playful 2 year old cat. She played with this for 30 minutes, according to my dad who unpacked it for her. I think that is a success lol.


My cat will not play with this toys one bit. I can't accurately review its features as I haven't seen them utilized. But, I will give it a solid rating for seeming like a sound toy. My cat just won't touch it with a 10-ft pole.


Cat loves it! But he's still a kitten so I'm curious how this toy will withstand him being fully grown. He already topples it over and he's 2 pounds. Only took a star off for that though cause even upside down he still goes nuts for it.


Melbourne, Fur-Mama
I got this as a gift for my son and DIL’s new 9 month old cat. This is a great alternative activity instead of clawing at the carpet and furniture. Out of the package he seemed to like it a lot. They suctioned it to the floor and the cat had fun spinning it. This was a good choice.



Independent Spring Cat Toy

$ 39.97 $ 19.97
✔️2-In-1 Cat Toy - Engaged For Hours
✔️Cat Tries To Hunt The Balls & The Mouse
✔️Stimulates Your Cat's Hunting Insects
✔️The Spring Mount Can Move 360deg.
✔️Get Rid Of Frustration & Boredom
✔️Your Cat Will Be Happy To Knock The Balls
✔️Zero Hassle- No Battery/Charging Needed
✔️Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔️Hit "Get It Now" | Sale Ends Today
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$ 39.97
Independent Spring Cat Toy

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take for Shipping?
    If you are in the USA, UK, AU, Canada or Germany, you will receive the Laser Pointer within 8-10 working days after placing your order.

    We provided Insured shipping with tracking.

    We also provide a premium 5 to 8 Shipping to specific Countries depending on stock availability.
  2. How many cats can play with it?
    It can be played by as many cats you have the more the merrier. 
  3. Would you recommend this for dogs?
    We do not limit tthe capability of this Teaser Interactive Cat Toy, there were several customers who also bough this item for their puppies to play with. 
  4. Is this toy appropriate for adult cats?
    Lets understand it from our existing customers who have been kind enough to write to us about their experiences:

    "My 12 year old cat loves the toy. She is allowing her younger brother (3 year old cat) to share his gift with her."

    "My active 5 year old 6lb cat doesn't knock it over. It is sturdy enough to take a little beating they may give it."

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