Fluttering Butterfly Toy

$ 69.97 $ 34.97
✔️ Purr-fect Realistic Loooking Butterfly
✔️ Keeps Your Cat Engaged for Hours
✔️ Stimulates your Cat's Hunting Instinct
✔️ Keeps your Cat Active & healthy
✔️ Cat Can Play with it even if No Battery
✔️ You get 1 Spare Butterfly for FREE
✔️ 100% Guaranteed pet-friendly, & Safe
✔️ 50% OFF Only Today - Dont Miss it
✔️ Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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$ 69.97
Fluttering Butterfly Toy

 "The BEST Cat Toy Ever....Even for Kitties That Don't Care For Toys!" - Edwina, LA

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50% OFF Today Only!

Your Cat will go CRAZYYYYY!

This Realistic Fluttering Butterfly Toy can stimulate your Cat’s hunting instinct for rewarding interactive playtime sessions.

Kittens and cats of differing energy levels all love this toy!!

No More Fat Cats around!
When you're cat is feeling bored, it will have an adverse effect on their physical and mental health. This toy ensures that the moment they start playing, there is no turning back.
Your Cat is Rough, eh? Bring it ON
Highly Durable Toy & We also give you a spare Butterfly. Remember these GLOW at night too. It is of the topmost quality
Develop a Bonding with your Cat
You can't go wrong with this cat toy! It helps to build a mental connection or trust between your Cat and yourself. You will know the minute she/he wants to play with this.
Not Terribly Noisy like other Toys
Easy on Your Ears & hence it is not going to frustrate your folks at Home.
Toy Does not fall over easily
The Base is well balanced and streteched out that the Toy falls over unlike most of the other similar toys. Your Cat never gets bored with it & it is surprisingly very durable for a cat toy.

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What other Cat Parents Say?

My kitten Pam Beesly Halpert absolutely loves this toy. It keeps her entertained for at least 30 minute intervals before she passes out in exhaustion


I foster kittens and I’m just glad they have something they can play with in lieu of their usual cardboard scratchers and cat tree.


I wish I could give it 10 stars. Best prey-play sequence ever.


Melbourne, Fur-Mama
I am thrilled with this purchase so that my boy will have something to keep him occupied while I am away!



Fluttering Butterfly Toy

$ 69.97 $ 34.97
✔️ Purr-Fect Realistic Loooking Butterfly
✔️ Keeps Your Cat Engaged For Hours
✔️ Stimulates Your Cat's Hunting Instinct
✔️ Keeps Your Cat Active & Healthy
✔️ Cat Can Play With It Even If No Battery
✔️ You Get 1 Spare Butterfly For FREE
✔️ 100% Guaranteed Pet-Friendly, & Safe
✔️ 50% OFF Only Today - Dont Miss It
✔️ Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
payment method
$ 69.97
Fluttering Butterfly Toy

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take for Shipping?
    If you are in the USA, UK, AU, Canada or Germany, you will receive the Laser Pointer within 8-10 working days after placing your order.

    We provided Insured shipping with tracking.

    We also provide a premium 5 to 8 Shipping to specific Countries depending on stock availability.
  2. How Many Batteries are Needed?
    Requires 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
  3. Can I get Replacement Butterflies?
    We are giving one spare butterfly with every Order placed before 11:59 PM Tonight. If You want to purchase replacements, please email us at info@cutiecub.com, we will be happy to guide you on how to get one.
  4. Is this toy appropriate for adult cats?
    Lets understand it from our existing customers who have been kind enough to write to us about their experiences:

    "My 12 year old cat loves the toy. She is allowing her younger brother (3 year old cat) to share his gift with her."

    "My active 5 year old 6lb cat doesn't knock it over. It is sturdy enough to take a little beating they may give it."

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